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Worksheet maker: How to create interactive worksheets easily in 5 steps

There are many educational resources created to facilitate the work of teachers, tools and platforms designed to speed up the learning process for students. In this article, you will find how to create interactive worksheets for your students in a fast, free and easy way thanks to TopWorksheets.

The great advantage of this digital tool is that you don’t need great technological skills to be able to use it. You can give life to your documents (PDF or images) in a very intuitive way, turning this worksheets maker in a magnificent choice.

FIRST STEP: Create an account

The registration process to create an account on TopWorksheets will take you lees than five minutes. It consists of filling your data and clicking in the Signup button.

SECOND STEP: Create a worksheet

You must click on the Create a new worksheet button and choose which type better suits you. This step is where you can upload a document and use it as a template.

THIRD STEP: Let’s get to work!

Choose between more than fifteen different tools to give the worksheet interactivity. Answer options, text and even multimedia. Prepare activities of joining concepts, choosing answers, drawing, word searches, dragging and dropping, mathematical formulas and a long etcetera. You can add images, videos and audio files, everything is designed so that the worksheets maker experience is simple and complete.

FOURTH STEP: Share the worksheet with your students

Once you have created the worksheet, the most important thing comes to scene; share it with the students so that they can do it. TopWorksheets offers a large number of options to share them in different ways, for example, assigning it as a task through Google Classroom or embedding it on our own website.

FIFTH STEP: See the grade the students have obtained

This worksheets maker saves the teacher time, one of its advantages is that the worksheets grade themselves. When a student has completed a worksheet, it’s sent back to the teacher corrected automatically.

Education is constant change and renewal. These types of tools help develop skills and make the most of the use of technology in classrooms. And most importantly, the students love it.