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The influence of drawing on learning

Drawing is essential for the development of children as it helps them to express their creativity and innermost emotions. It is not convenient to stop the little ones when they feel the need to draw, as long as exist certain rules and limits. 

This activity has multiple intellectual and motor benefits such as enhancing coordination or improving the concentration and attention of the young ones. In addition, it stimulates them and favors their creativity, making them connect with the fantasy world. 

Drawing is fun, it is a simple and beneficial action that unleash their imagination. It is an activity that helps them scape, capable in many cases to combat anxiety and allowing them to relax. Sometimes it serves as therapy, since the mental rest it generates induces happiness and reduce stress levels. Drawing also activates both parts of the brain, the emotional and the rational.

Regulating the movements of the hand and wrist helps them in psychomotricity, having a very positive impact on skills as writing. Therefore, having contact with this form of expression from a very early age can be very useful in the future. The more they draw, the better they will get and the more benefits they will get.

Nowadays, we live surrounded by screens, and children are surrounded too. They were born in the middle of the digital age, and there are customs that change as the years go by. Drawing with paper and pencil is something that will never change, however, in recent times and taking advantage of the tech boom, thousands of apps and platforms have been born with one objective: that children can draw wherever they are and without having to carry anything more than an electronic device. 

Areas such as education are not far behind new technologies, with digital educational resources that have these types of tools. If we take the example of interactive worksheets, and the specific case of TopWorksheets, they have the option of adding a field exclusively for drawing. Being able to create reading and writing exercises or free expression ones. 

Drawing has many advantages for children. It not only amuses but favors writing, and as a consequence, reading. It encourages creativity and helps the child to have more self-confidence and to express their feelings.