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The importance of the teacher’s figure in education

The teaching profession is one of the jobs that has the greatest impact on society. Probably because it plays a key guiding role in the student’s lives. A teacher is presented as one of the most important figures on the professional future of students. 

The bond between students and educators is essential since it’s related to a higher school performance and a major development of academic skills. A teacher, in many cases, is the first adult figure with whom a child is related, except for the family environment. In addition, the younger they are, the more idealized those bonds usually are due to the necessity of the children of having a reference that provides them security at school. 

This is the point where it is significant to emphasize the magnitude of the work of a teacher in the development of every child. An educator not only transmit knowledge to his students but they are also involved in their well-being and are a reference in which to be reflected. Professors are figures to turn to in difficult situations. Something natural, since they are understood as their authority. 

In the firsts levels of education, students see a role model in their teachers, a mirror from which to take values due to their great influence. It is a profession with great responsibility since the growth of the basics competencies of children is in the hands of the educators. The motivational figure that a teacher reflects promotes the cognitive potential of children. Educators are the guides of their reasoning and personal development. There is a consensus among many studies and experts that having good teachers is a fundamental pillar in an effective educational system.

Motivation to transmit knowledge and constant contact with students is very important, as well as introducing new teaching methods adapted to the new times. Regular learning and adaptation are the two essential concepts to be a good teacher. 

Due to the pandemic, these skills have become vitally important in the teaching process. It has been shown that the most up-to-date educators have managed to cope smoothly with the new challenges. The good management and adaptation of many teachers to the digital and technologic platforms has facilitated the development of the subjects and encouraged the students. There are countless didactic resources to facilitate remote teaching and professors have been able to do their best to make a proper use of them. 

Teachers have the future of young people in their hands, therefore it is transcendental to possess the necessary skills and attitudes that this occupation implies. The work of a teacher is conceived as vocational, a moral and personal commitment related to the cultivation and development of the minds of the next generations.