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Ideas for children to have a productive summer

Holidays are for resting and disconnecting, that is an indisputable fact. However, keeping the kids entertained throughout the summer months can be a challenge. They need constant activity and to avoid falling into bland distractions, we leave you here some ideas so that they can enjoy a summer full of productive and fun activities.

Classic games

There are classic games that are not old fashioned at all. A clear example would be the Stop game, we only need paper and pencil for each player. It consists of choosing a letter and writing in each category a word that begins with that letter. It is a game against the clock, because the first one to finish has to say “Stop” and the rest must stop writing. A good resource to activate the brain on long summer afternoons. Another example would be The Hanged Man, a classic that stimulates intelligence and teaches new vocabulary to children. 

Entertaining apps

There are platforms developed specifically for children to learn while playing. Programs with the objective to encourage a responsible use of technology while they focus on resolving interactives tasks. There are many websites to do this type of activity, such as TopWorksheets, which allows you to create interactive worksheets with countless educational resources. 

Table games

We can also propose hobbies that help them develop logic. Games like Trivial, the mythical game of questions where they can test their knowledge and in which they learn while having a good time. Puzzles are also a great idea for a productive time, as they improve visual memory, reinforce logical thinking and stimulate spatial and mathematical skills.


Fostering the love of reading is not as difficult as we think. Making an effort to know and respect their preferences and interests can be essential to prevent them from seeing the act of reading as boring. There is a wide variety of summer books in any bookstore that will make the little ones love the literature.