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How to promote reading in children: 4 tips

The habit of reading is something that should be promoted from childhood. Reading from an early age has innumerable benefits such as development of the imagination, the increase of concertation or the simple fact of learning new vocabulary with which linguistic skills are favoured. 

Through reading, we acquire a lot of knowledge that helps improve our communication skills and culture, being essential in each vital stage. It is important that children have the habit of reading from a young age to have a wide lexicon and be able to express well themselves. Here are four tips to encourage this habit in the little ones:

Read with them 

The most basic and important advice of all. Reading with children encourages them to do it themselves, it is well know that they imitate everything, so it is logical that when we read aloud to them we are fostering them to try it too. It is highly recommended to sing and gesticulate as much as possible so that they understand the concepts and recognize them. 

Respect their tastes

This is an especially significant aspect when the goal is to promote the love for reading. We must always avoid children seeing reading as something boring, therefore, we must listen to them and know their preferences and topics of interest. Letting them choose the books they want to read is a very good option.  

Organize interactive activities

There are methods with which to involve children in their own reading, entertaining activities to generate that passion for the habit. For example, offer them a story without an end in which they have to finish it. Or make them draw the characters of a story while they listen to the narration. Interactive worksheets are a good choice to carry out this type of activity, since, in the case of TopWorksheets, they all have the necessary tools to do so. 

Watch movies with subtitles

Many studies have shown that turning on movie subtitles helps improve children’s comprehension. This is because they enhance the understanding of concepts and they expand their vocabulary. The context of the movie is fully presented, helping them to better relate the elements.